The New Orleans Genesis is the official publication of the Genealogical Research Society of New Orleans. It is issued in January, April, July and October of each year. Issues are numbered consecutively starting with No. 1 which was published in January 1962. Four issues covering any one year constitute a volume.  Members will receive all four issues annually. Records of a genealogical nature, articles, or dates of genealogical interest should be submitted to the Editor for consideration.

Queries and announcements are accepted for publication in the New Orleans Genesis if they are of interest to genealogists and family researchers. Not more than two QUERIES of fifty words or less will be published in any one calendar year of the Genesis, if submitted by a member. Non-members may also submit one query per calendar year at no charge. ANNOUNCEMENTS of general interest to genealogists and family researchers, notice of meetings, seminars, or other information which, in the opinion of the editors should be included, will be published free of charge if received no later than two months before the publication dates of the issue in which they should appear. These should be brief, not longer than 100 words. The editors reserve the right to edit the submission to fit the space available.

The table of contents for all Genesis issued since its inception can be searched and displayed.   Use this guide to search for articles of interest.   Many local libraries have the complete series of Genesis and this guide will save you immesuarable time in getting to the information most valuable to your family research.   Active members who are logged in at myGRSNO, will also have access to the full text of many articles.

Tips for using the search tool.

  • Use as little search criteria as possible.   The more you use, the less likely an article will match all of the criteria.
  • All upper case letters are converted to lower case during the search, so you don't need to worry about whether words are capitalized or not.
  • Diacritical marks are present, so it may be easier to avoid using strings containing them.
  • Whole words are not required.   You can use any string of at least 3 characters, and remember - less is better!


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